About El’s Journey


Since a very early age I can remember being very sensitive to the world around me. Many profound events in my life have shaped me and led me to this present. Some of the highlights are the times I experienced a conscious awakening.

When I was 12 a man taught me how to use a divining rod. Within 5 minutes I was able to see and feel the energy in the air and trees and earth. I also became aware of the source of the energy and information moving through the divining rod, the Akashic Records.

At this young age, the ability was overwhelming and I chose to close it down. Letting it go, I asked God to please show me the best way to use this power. About 10 years later I experienced Reiki and received a clear message that healing would be my path.


My passion is energy and in the last 30 plus years I have learned more than 20 forms of energy healing. By far the most powerful of all is Soul Retrieval. Since a life changing Soul reunion session in Sedona in 1991 my focus has been developing and sharing the process of Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval.

Healing sessions are always available and I’ve included some with vacation packages and retreats. Feel free to ask about Whole Presence, The Reconnection or other energy healing. All of the Light Activations, vibrational healing and Soul expansion work is intended to empower your Presence.

Beautiful teachers I have had the pleasure and honor to be with include ~

Abraham, Ammachi, Bhagwan Nityananda, Dalai Lama, Gurumayi, Sai Baba, Mother Meera, Swami Vishwananda, Barbara Marciniak, Ken Carey, Dr. Eric Pearl, Barbara Brennan, Gary Douglas, Bruce Moen, Beth Hin, Gene Egidio, Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Upledger, Orin and DaBen, Louise Hay, Robert Holden, Serge Kahili King, don Miguel Ruiz, Braco and beloved Poni Kamau’u.

All of these and more have contributed to my spiritual path. Deep gratitude and aloha for them and the gifts they shared. Many thanks also go to the clients, students, friends and countless others that have walked this path with me.

Here is a sampling of the healing modalities I have learned and practiced~

Reiki Master Teacher, Seichim Master, CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Myofascial Release, Past Life Regression, Chakra and Aura Healing, Theta Healing, Shamanism and Soul Retrieval, Huna, Access Bars, Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

Spiritual Life

In 2007 I came to Kaua’i for a two week vacation and was convinced to stay permanently after connecting with the island’s multidimensional Goddess consciousness. I know that Kaua’i called me because of many lifetimes as a priestess and healer in Lemuria. It is a blessing to offer spiritual immersion journeys of sacred sights for individuals and groups. On occasion I also facilitate retreats, workshops and trainings on the island and the mainland.

Since moving to Kaua’i, I was a longtime student of Hawaiian Kahuna and High Priest Poni Kamau’u who traced his family line back to the Lemurian ancestry and Pleiadian star seeds. I participated in several ceremonies at sacred sites with Poni and received many blessings from being in his presence. Knowledge of sacred ceremony and my ability to work with all levels of light beings at the sacred sites allows me to more fully serve the Divine Plan.

In my life I’ve been called to spend quality time in many of the planet’s power places including Sedona, India, Japan, the Mayan Yucatan, Mount Shasta, Santa Fe and now Hawaii. While in the dreamtime land of Australia for 5 years I taught healing workshops in Whole Presence Soul Retrieval and facilitated trips to sacred sights. One of the highlights of my time there was visiting with the Australian Aboriginal Elder Tjilpi Bob Randall and working with him to activate a portal of light at Ayers Rock, known as Uluru in Australia.

My perspective on life and reality is pretty broad. I believe all is God and Life is a paradox of all opposites existing at the same time.To the best of my ability I allow everything and everyone to be without judgement.