Here are some answers to most commonly asked questions:

Why is Spirit of Kaua'i so special?

I recognize that you are called here for healing or renewal or advancing/expanding spiritually. I will do my best to intuitively facilitate your unique relationship with this special island and the Goddess of Kaua’i. Your journey will be a treasured step on your life path.

What do I bring on my journey?

Here is a basic bring list…

  • Walking shoes/sandals that are okay to get wet or sandy or muddy
  • Beach Towel
  • Hat, Sunscreen, Bug Repellent
  • Offerings for the sacred sites ~ stones, flowers, shells or coral
  • Reverence and an open heart
How much walking is involved?

For the regular journeys the walking in moderate.  There are places of walking on the beach and going up and down some small hills. 

More strenuous hiking may be involved with a custom journey so please inquire if you have any question.

What if my friend or partner isn't spiritual?

We do our best to honor everyone’s level of awareness.  Friends, partners or others in your group may have an enjoyable journey on the level of the beauty and historical significance of the sites.  Our priority is to serve the spiritual path of those the island calls while providing a comfortable environment of aloha for all.

Can I cancel my journey or retreat?

Yes, you may cancel with adequate notice.  Please see the full Cancellation information under the program you have reserved.  Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

Are children welcome?

Young people are very welcome!  Many young children and young adults are extremely tuned into the higher light and consciousness of Kaua’i.  We just ask that they are suitable to be present and respectful for the 4 or 10 hours of the journey.  Children under 9 are free.  

How many people are on the journey?

Most of the journeys are private. Larger parties or groups can be accommodated with some planning. For personal attention it’s best to keep to a maximum of 8 people.

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