Vortex Retreats & Island Tours

Kaua’i will perfectly guide all the circumstances and events for your spiritual journey in Paradise. Kaua’i is super busy at this time so be sure you arrange for a rental car. Your retreat will be private and personalized so book early!

Have a look at the transformational energy & Soul Retrieval sessions too!

Please note that we have not received the experimental shots and don’t use masks.

If you’re comfortable with that we look forward to sharing the magic and aloha of Kaua’i with you!


See pricing information below the descriptions.

Sacred Wailua 1/2 Day Retreat

The Wailua area has many of the most sacred portals of light and vibration on the island.

Begin your spiritual journey with a cleansing at the ocean and receive energy transmissions as you tune into these vortex sites ~ Traditional Receiving Place for Kaua’i, Place of Forgiveness, a healing temple and home of a Master Lemurian Healer Stone, Temple of the Sun, Royal Birth Stones, where Kaua’i’s royalty were born, portal where Heaven and earth meet, Lemurian Temple of Light, concluding with a simple releasing ceremony at Sunset. This half-day tour begins at Lydgate State Beach Park in Kapa’a.

This 1/2 day can be combined with either the South or North Shore for a full day (10 hours) Retreat.

South Shore 1/2 Day Retreat

An initiation journey of pure Divine Light portals for activation and spiritual expansion.

Begin your spiritual journey with a cleansing at the ocean, then receive blessings at  the Lemurian Altar, a portal of pure Lemurian blueprint codes, Collection of Sacred Stones from many Kaua’i temples, Birthplace of All Creation, a portal to the void of all potentiality, a Lemurian Divine Union Vortex with Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, the Initiation Portal to stand in your Mastery and have a simple releasing ceremony at Sunset.

North Shore 1/2 Day Retreat

A nurturing journey of Goddess and balancing Divine Feminine and Masculine vortex sites.

Begin your spiritual journey with a cleansing at the ocean, Experience the majesty of the Sacred Goddess Mountain where all Souls enter the earth plane, Nityananda Shrine- ‘The Heart is the hub of all sacred places’, Tibetan Buddhist Monument – Wish Fulfilling Stupa with Buddha Enlightenment Light, Tara Shrine & prayer wheels, Hanalei- Portal of Masculine & Feminine Balance, complete your journey with a simple releasing ceremony at Sunset.

Hanalei Magic &

Tunnels Beach Adventure

~with Transportation

Your guide will pick you up in the morning and bring you on a North Shore adventure. Visit Hanalei Bay and the iconic Hanalei Pier and points North. Enjoy a Picnic Lunch and swimming at Tunnels Beach. Dive into shave ice and shopping in quaint Hanalei Town. Learn more about the history and folklore of Kaua‘i. This full day is an 8-hour tour for a maximum of 4 people. Transportation Included!

Waimea Canyon Tour

~with Transportation

Your guide will pick you up in the morning for a day trip to Waimea Canyon. You’ll have a choice of either a moderate hike or swim at a reef-protected beach. See the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and the awesome Kalalau Lookout. Hear about Kaua’i history and folklore. Lunch at the historic Koke’e Lodge. Enjoy learning about the mountain flora and fauna at Koke’e Lodge. This is a full day of 8 hours for a maximum of 4 people. Transportation and lunch Included!

 Custom Spiritual Retreat

Your personalized Kaua’i journey may include any places from the main Journeys and ~

  • Divine Goddess River Sanctuary
  • Rainbow Eucalyptus Grove and Mountain Stream
  • Coastline hike and cave of the Kahunas
  • Departing place for all souls, portal where souls go on to the next world (4WD vehicle needed)
  • Sacred Redwood Forest, pure earth resonance (4WD vehicle needed)
  • Valley of peace and waterfalls (moderate hike)
  • Mountain Park & Bali Hai, Lemurian Portal and Divine Masculine
  • Peaceful Rudraksha Forest

If there’s another place you’re interested in just let us know!

Mystical Magical Kaua’i

Get connected to Kaua’i through some of the most powerful sacred sites found anywhere in the world.  Let the spirit of Aloha and spiritual healing energies of Kaua’i nurture your Being and carry you gracefully back to the truth of your wholeness.  You are called to Kaua’i for a unique purpose ~

  • Energy Vortex Sites
  • Personal Expansion and Transformation
  • Healing Adventures and Activations

Kaua’i is very much a perfect place to deepen your connection with your spiritual nature.  The Sacred Wailua Journey fosters your direct relationship with the energy of Kaua’i herself and supports people with healing and activating spiritual consciousness.  You will hear about the spiritual history of the island all the way back to the beginning of humanity and how that pertains to the current planetary shifts and your spiritual path.

An energy vortex is a place where the vibration and light are of a higher dimensional quality.  Our body’s energy field / light body responds to the energy as it assists with expanding our conscious awareness.  Just to name a few benefits, people feel more peaceful, centered, connected to Source and some experience a heart opening.

We often go in the afternoons so we conclude our journey with a sweet sunset ceremony.  Please give me a call and we can book your reservation.  You are welcome to then pay with a credit card or cash on the day.

Your journey with Spirit of Kaua’i will facilitate your connection with the sacred energy places of the island and with the multidimensional Goddess of Kaua’i. These amazing sacred sites have the power to restore and enhance your connection to Spirit and anchor you more in your true Divine essence. The entire island is a spiritual and healing vortex so be open to her guidance and energy transmissions.

Kaua’i is a conscious being of extraordinary gifts so allow a telepathic communication.  Ask your questions and pray for your needs and desires.  Tune into where you are drawn and surrender to the journey…

Half Day Tours ~ available Monday through Friday 2.00-6.00pm or by appointment

Full Day Tours ~ available Saturday and Sunday 10.00am-7.00pm or by appointment

Custom Tours ~ available by appointment

(Tour times may be flexible so please inquire and we can make arrangements.)

Walking shoes/sandals that are okay to get wet or sandy or muddy

Beach Towel

Hat, Sunscreen, Bug Repellent

Offerings for the sacred sites ~ stones, flowers, shells, coral

Reverence and an open heart

Snacks, water and tropical juices

Pricing is not including transportation.  I will accompany you in your rental vehicle or if needed can provide transportation for an additional fee.  Some tours may require a fee to provide a 4WD vehicle for more adventurous excursions.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations are necessary and payment is required to confirm your journey.

A cancellation made between 4 and 14 days prior to your tour is subject to a 50% cancellation fee. For a cancellation received less than 72 hours prior to the tour there is a 100% cancellation fee. Children 9 and under are free. In the event your tour date needs to be changed (for weather or other unforeseen circumstances) we will do our best to reschedule.


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