Soul Retrieval and Energy Sessions



Sessions are available on Zoom or in person on Kaua’i.

Please note that I have not received the experimental shots and don’t use masks.

If you’re comfortable with that I look forward to a Soul expanding journey with you!


El Herington is founder of Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval. She has served for over 30 years as an energy healer, lightworker, retreat leader and sacred site tour guide. Worldwide travels and work extend to the US, Southeast Asia, Japan, Mexico, India and Australia.

Since 1991, El has developed the Whole Presence process for reclaiming all of the Soul’s energy from all lifetimes. Both a Reiki Master and Seichim Master, she practices 20+ energy healing modalities. She supports your Soul awakening and spiritual journey with Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval and other Soul supporting modalities.

El enjoys living on the sacred Lemurian island of Kaua’i in Hawai’i.

The Soul is the center of all power, creativity and conscious knowing. Journey to a direct experience of your Divine Soul Presence. Release old vibrations that hold you back. Merge your Heart Center and Presence together in a harmonious synergy. Receive Light Codes and Activations from Pleiadian guides and the Whales. For more on El’s quantum Soul activation work see the Whole Presence articles below.

Hello my soul sister.  Just wanted to write and send you my thanks again for bringing me home.  Yesterday shifted everything for me and I move forward now in awareness on a whole other scale thanks to you.  Feeling spacious and very peaceful today…spent time doing the energy work you recommended and am very thankful that I am learning how to manage my energy and retrieve my soul fragments independently through this next stage of my journey.  You shared powerful tools with me El, so openly.


Yokohama, Japan

I have participated in two group healing sessions, and one private session with El. I liken El’s work to that of a “spiritual radio-tower” (excuse the metaphor – words are limited) she is a powerful conduit of high vibrational “stations” that allow you to connect with a finer frequency within yourself, these higher frequencies facilitate deep healing, and expanded levels of consciousness that lift one out of old and limiting patterns and beliefs.  My sessions with El have taken my life to deeper and more authentic expressions of my soul’s nature, and helped me to move away from a paradigm of fear. If you are blessed with the opportunity to work with El, I highly recommend you don’t pass up the chance, she is so loving and centered that I always feel fully relaxed and loved in her presence, and deep healing and change always open up in my life!

Laura Muraco

Ottsville, PA

Whole Presence
Quantum Soul Retrieval

Access the multidimensional mastery of your Whole Presence. Take a quantum leap on your Soul’s path of evolution on this journey light years beyond traditional soul retrieval. The empowering and transformative Whole Presence process will bring your Soul to complete unity and integration.

Imagine feeling the synergistic wholeness of your Soul and Higher Self and all aspects of your Being. You will be guided and supported in reunifying all aspects of your Soul energy from every lifetime, all space, time and dimensions. As you journey you will be learning tools to connect directly with your unique Presence energy, retrieve, integrate and balance your Whole Presence.

Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval is for those called to embody and express all aspects of your Divine Soul essence.

* Support your Divine Purpose and destiny

* Expand into your multidimensional Beingness

* Deepen your Divine Soul connection & knowing

Whole Presence Facilitators are available in Australia, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany and locations in the US. El is available for your session on Kaua’i or via Skype or Zoom and is open to invitations to travel. $550

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Lemurian Soul Retrieval

Journey to one of your Lemurian lifetimes and reclaim your Soul energy.  You will be guided using soul retrieval methods to call back any of your Soul energy left behind in Lemuria.  Heal and clear any karma imprints or attachments to these past lives.

In this 2-hour session you will connect with your unique Soul vibration ~ your Presence.  You will be guided with advanced shamanic tools to retrieve, rebalance and reintegrate your missing Soul aspects.  See Whole Presence above for more information. $350

This powerful journey focuses on healing, forgiving and transforming your karma, attachments and soul wounds from Lemurian lifetime experiences. Bring more of your Lemurian aspects to be with you and merge with your Being.

* Travel to Lemurian times to remember

* Retrieve your Lemurian Soul energy

* Release limiting imprints or attachments

Soul Essence Connection

Journey to meet your Divine Soul Essence and establish a clear knowing of your Soul light and vibration within your physical form. In a manner similar to traditional soul retrieval we utilize shamanic principles of working with energy. From a deep altered state, you will journey within to locate your Soul Presence energy. In this one and half hour session you will connect closely with your Soul’s unique vibration and qualities and anchor this in your body. $225

Is your Soul Presence…

* Strong or Gentle?

* Loving & Nurturing or Detached?

* Desiring to Create or Happy to simply Be?

Pleiadian Oneness & LightCodes

Three Pleiadian guides will facilitate your personalized LightCode activation. In the one and a half hour session your Heart center will receive the Higher dimensional Pleiadian LightCodes. Merging your Heart energy with the pure oneness quality of light will create the expansiveness your Soul desires for its awakening. $225


* Pure 5th Dimensional Pleiadian LightCodes

* Creation Source Matrix Activation for your Heart Center

* Guidance to support your Soul’s expansion into Oneness with All Creation

Language of Light Templates

Receive Future LightCodes into your DNA and lightbody in this one and a half hour session. The set of 9 Language of Light Templates were given to me in 2003 by Isaiah, a beautiful lightbeing from humanity’s future. The nine Templates create a powerful synergy together and hold  infinite Codes for the Divine Blueprint of Life, the LightBody and the New Paradigm. $225

Isaiah will join us to facilitate ~

* Expanding  your LightBody

* Activating and upgrading  your DNA structures for evolution

* Divine LightCodes swirling around and through you

DNA Re-coding for Wholeness

Wholeness resides with the Soul and our physical form requires upgrades and evolution to support our multidimensional consciousness. Connect with your true Soul essence and create a quantum shift of the DNA codes and programs. This 2-hour session assists your Soul’s purpose and clarity by activating higher levels of the physical and energetic DNA matrix. $350

* Clear ancestral and limited DNA programming

* Expand beyond 2 strands of DNA in a unified matrix

* Activate your Soul’s Divine Blueprint for Wholeness

Merging God Identity &

Soul Presence

Are you ready to let go of your ‘old’ self identity and old paradigm? Spiritual Warriors ready for transformation are welcome to join this 2-hour Soul Presence Initiation. You will be guided to access your Soul level to dissolve limited mental constructs, emotional patterns and human level personality to embrace the infinite potential of your God Identity. $350

* Shift from your human perspective to a Divine awareness of reality

* Integrate your Soul Presence with your physical and energy bodies

* Recalibrate your Birth Astrology influences and Destiny

Whole Presence Facilitator Training

2021 September Dates TBD

Kaua’i, Hawai’i

Open to people who have completed their own Whole Presence journey with a Certified Whole Presence Facilitator.

The ten-day training is for those who know their spiritual purpose includes facilitating others’ Soul awakening.

Participants will be immersed in an intensive program of personal empowerment for embodying and expressing their Whole Presence.

From that level of expansion and knowing they will learn tools and processes to support others. If called to this work, your Whole Presence session is a pre-requisite. Training elements include ~


  • Journeying through Time, Space & Dimensions
  • Holding space & guiding clients on their own journey of Soul Retrieval
  • Upgrades for the body & energy systems to support Whole Presence

For more on the trainings please visit Mahalo!

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