About Spirit of Kaua’i

Your Spiritual Journey

My intention with these journeys is to support your spiritual path. The journeys are experiential where you feel a connection with Kaua’i and her places of pure mana and consciousness. I enjoy facilitating your healing and expansion to more consciousness as the island bestows her blessings on your journey.

Sacred Kaua'i

Spirit of Kaua’i started from my strong desire to experience the island’s profound spiritual nature. Soon I was discovering more and more of the amazing energy places all around Kaua’i. Friends and their friends were asking to visit and experience the gifts of these divine portals.

Vortex Sites

There are places for healing, forgiveness and accessing Source directly. Kaua’i, her guardians and the sacred vortex energy and light nurture your Being. Be open to receiving the mana, insights and restoring of your inner peace and alignment.

I know from my experiences that we are one with everything. We have the ability to perceive the entire Universe, all time, space and dimensions. Through Spirit of Kaua’i I offer services for people to experience this oneness in a real way for themselves.


For those called to embody more of your Divine Soul essence please visit www.wholepresence.com!

El Herington  Spirit of Kaua’i

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