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I am very proud to be delivering the best service with aloha to all clients. People from all over the world have enjoyed journeys with Spirit of Kaua’i. Read what some Soul Family and new friends have to say…

Our trip to Kaua’i was more of a spiritual home coming than a vacation. I left the island feeling as though I had been initiated, upgraded and readied to embark on a whole new level on the path of mastery. I am deeply grateful to El for guiding me through the process and hold the space for transformation. There are no words to adequately describe the island and all she has to offer. We spent a full day exploring Wailua, Ele’ele, Waimea Canyon (up to the Na Pali overlook) while connecting with rocks, trees, beaches and rainbows. I agree with a prior review suggesting to take your sacred tour with El early in your travels there so that you have time to integrate and explore further on your own. I look forward to the next time I am called home to Kaua’i and my next journey with El ~ wherever that may be…

Christine, Boston, MA

I spent the most wonderful 2 days with El on my recent trip to Kauai. I had always heard that Kauai is a deeply spiritual island. El showed me so many magical places. It was wonderful to experience the energy, feel its impact on my soul and learn about the history there. El is a masterful guide and teacher with an amazing ability to hone in on exactly what you need to create an experience that is exactly what you need. I can’t wait to go back!

Nicole, Seattle, WA

This was truly an amazing Journey. I recommend You experience this early in your Kauai time, as it is a foundational piece to understanding/receiving the Sacred experience Kauai offers. I was with El from 10am until just after sunset. Each location was wonderful: and all of her information allowed me to cognitively understand the Blessings I was receiving (I could truly FEEL these) at each location. I am so thankful that I did this early in my time in Kauai. During my time in kauai, as I met Spirit oriented local people, and they talked about the energy & lessons of Kauai, I was able to easily assimilate their offerings & information, due to my Sacred Journey foundation early in the trip! Beautiful Universe!!!

Lyn, Hilton Head, SC

I had been called to Kaua’i for quite some time and was not quite sure why. I found El online and my husband and I met with her the second day we arrived on the island for a half day journey. We could not have started our trip out with a better experience! El truly made our trip more special than I could have imaged, she gave us an experience that exceeded all of my expectations! She is very knowledgable, warm, kind and connected us to beautiful Kaua’i in a life changing way! I was not sure which journey was right for us or what it was I was looking for, but El was very helpful in asking the right questions to pick the right experience for us…and she nailed it. I highly recommend doing some type of journey with El, we didn’t want ours to end. I am so grateful to find have found her and to have such a sacred, special experience with her on the island.

Amanda & Blake, Santa Monica, CA

Thank-you for the wonder-full tour of Kauai’s sacred places, El! This was definitely the highlight of our Kauai vacation. We were glad to have done it at the beginning of our holiday as much of what you shared informed the balance of our trip. Your gentle, wise and accommodating manner made it easy for us to have a very personal and rich experience. Your respect for the sacred places was evident every step of the way.

Ann and Cathy, Canada

Undoubtedly the highlight of my trip to Kauai.  El is very sensitive to the energies and very knowledgeable too.  Her gentle yet anchoring aura makes this unique tour even more special.  Light workers should not miss this.

Winnie, Singapore

How do you put into words an experience that changes you?  I had been drawn to Kauai for several years and not known why.  Of course I was convinced the beauty and serenity of the Island were the reason.  Sometimes it takes a light worker to show a light worker what he was blind to see.  The history, stories and legends of the sites we visited were interesting and enthralling, but the exchange of energy, thoughts, feelings and colors from the Island guardians and gatekeepers made the light clearer, the experience more intense and the tour more personal.  Thanks El for making this adventure a pivotal signpost on my life path.

Ray, Las Vegas, NV

Thanks so much for the very enlightening (on many levels) tour yesterday!  It was, well, out of this world

Keith, Dallas, TX

I loved our incredible journey with the Goddesses to the sacred sites with El!  I felt a lifting of my spirit and energy body as we gathered and focused, dropping the density and expanding in our light body vehicles!  I felt lighter and lighter over the next few days continuing to open to more Joy and creativity!

Isha, Kapa'a, HI

The tours of the Sacred Sites on Kauai with El Herington were very special, capturing all the beauty of this island and the precious history from the ancients.  I had a wonderful time on each tour.  Something magical and sweetly poignant happened with each experience. El brings all of her heart to each tour and helps people from all walks to experience this very ancient source of Spirit.

Kimberley, Minneapolis, MN

I remember with great fondness the wonderful tour you led for our church group.  I hope to return again with another group. Aloha!

Rev. Donna, Pasadena, CA

El’s deep respect for the sacred and her love of Kaua’i combine to make her the perfect guide to Kauai’s sacred sites.  Her joy in sharing the magical beauty that she has discovered is so genuine that her trips have a special happy quality.  I am looking forward to my next trip with El!

Anne, London, UK

Just wanted to thank you again for the magnificent afternoon. It exceeded my expectations on all levels! Energy was fantastic, your insights illuminating, and it was fun. Can’t wait to do it again.

Joe, Newtown, PA

Thank you for showing us your beautiful island during our family vacation on Kaua’i.  I greatly enjoyed the tour, your knowledge of the island and vortex sites, your flexibility, and your humor.  The island is beautiful and the vortex sites were all special.  But sunset at Laka’s Altar was truly amazing.  It was the high point of my vacation.  I look forward to seeing you again on our next trip to Kaua’i, and would be happy to recommend you to anyone who might be browsing your web site.

David, Parkville, MS

It was a joy meeting you again and a “Huge Kiss” from the Universe to be part of your sacred sites tour.  The white heart and snake shape driftwood are gracing my altar and will be treasured along with the memories of our glorious time together.  Until we meet again…Have a beautiful journey shining your magificent Light!

Linda, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so much for showing me the energy vortex areas around Kaua’i and teaching me the beautiful special prayer chant.  In all my years of spiritual journey and learning, what you have shown was entirely a new spiritual experience for me – connecting with the spirits of the land, and paying my respect to them, learning about the Hawaiian spiritual traditions and how the past correlates with the present.  Forever a part of Kaua’i (and the land of Hawaii) energy will always be with me, and I hope that one day I shall return again to reconnect with the beautiful island of Kaua’i.

Chin Ling, Singapore

We had so many shifts, healings and awakenings during that journey and you were a major catalyst for it all with your tour and intuitive guidance.

Brenda, Maui, Hawaii

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